Order New "SULA" Uniforms Now

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8th Grade Sweatshirt YM-A2XL6th & 7th Grade Polo Shirt  YM-A2XL
6th & 7th Grade Polo Shirt  YM-A2XL8th Grade Polo Shirt  YM-A2XL

Next, year, The Renaissance Leadership Academy and I.S. 218 SALOME URENA are joining forces to become the Salome Urena Leadership Academy (SULA).

Families can order the new uniforms at

Our look and our logo are all new for 2018!

Next Big Meeting

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Middle School 322

Join us on Wednesday, January 10th, at 6:00 pm for an important public hearing about the plan to join I.S. 218 and Middle School 322! 

Parents of both schools are invited. 

This is an exciting time for both schools. At this hearing, you can learn all about it.  

We hope to see all of our families represented.

Congratulations Ms. Poole


Middle School 322 Two Promotions
Middle School 322 is proud to welcome Kathryn Poole (left) to her new role as Interim Acting Assistant Principal. 

Ms. Poole has been a part of our team since our very first day. She started as a teacher in our social studies department and has served as Academic Dean for several years.

Ms. Poole is ready to step right in and fill the vacancy left by recently-promoted Principal Carlos Guzman.

Farewell to Mr. Guzman

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Assistant Principal Carlos Guzman Promoted
This week, we must say goodbye to Assistant Principal Carlos Guzman. 

On January 2nd, Mr. Guzman will take over for the retiring Jane Heller to become the principal of M.S. 324 Patria Mirabal. 

Mr. Guzman has been a vital part of Middle School 322 for twelve years. He has served the children of our community as teacher, academic dean, and assistant principal. For all that time, he has been a problem solver, peacemaker, and role model for all of us. 

The staff and students of Middle School 322 wish him every success at his new school, but we are really going to miss him!

Vote for MS 322!

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Middle School 322 wants to power up its teaching. The Elizabeth Rohatyn prize can bring $25,000 to our school. 

Right now, our idea is in the semi-finals. With your vote, we can get to the final four!

School Goals (Bilingual with Robot Elephant)

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Our school has been refining its goals. We worked to rewrite the goals in each department so that they line up with the principal's core goals. If you're curious about the principal's core goals, check the video below:

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MS 322 Core Goals in Spanish!

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Middle School 322 School Goals Spanish

School Goals Online

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School goals for each department are now available for review online on our school webpage. You can see them in the Prezi presentation below (or follow our link: School Goals)

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Instructional Focus? What's That?

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More Students Checking Jupiter

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Families on Jupiter
More and more students are watching their progress online every day!

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