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SCEP Goals

Middle School 322 SCEP Goals with DTSDE Alignments


Effective Instruction

Framework for Great Schools Element – Rigorous Instruction:

By June 2017, 95% of teachers will have received an effective or highly effective rating in Engaging Students in Learning (3b), Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques (3c), Using Assessment in Instruction (3d) and Designing Coherent Instruction (1e) as determined by a review of official observation data recorded in Advance.

(Aligned to DTSDE Tenet 3: Curriculum Development and Support)

Focus on Literacy and Numeracy

Framework for Great Schools Element – Supportive Environment:

By June 2017, students in the ELL and SWD subgroups with lowest literacy and numeracy levels will show improved growth percentiles on the NYS mathematics and English Language Arts exams.

(Aligned to DTSDE Tenet 5: Student Social and Emotional Developmental Health)


Professional Development Team

Framework for Great Schools Element – Collaborative Teachers:

By June 2017, our teacher leader team and administrators will have met at least four times to plan and coordinate professional development based on their analysis of current and accurate Advance MOTP data, employing peer inter-visitation and other tools to share the skills highly effective teachers to improve teacher practice across the school.

(Aligned to DTSDE Tenet 4: Teacher Practices and Decisions)

Monitoring Our Goals

Framework for Great Schools Element – Effective School Leadership:

On an ongoing basis, integrate a system of monthly data review of key SCEP metrics into existing weekly administrative cabinet meetings.

(Aligned to DTSDE Tenet 2: School Leader Practices and Decisions)


Together on Jupiter

Framework for Great Schools Element – Strong Family and Community Ties:

By June 2017, 95% of parents & students (combined) will have accessed our JupiterEd grade book as part of maintaining an ongoing, comprehensive understanding of the social and academic life of their children.

(Aligned to DTSDE Tenet 6: Family and Community Engagement)